Digital Services

Digital Services

To say that computing has forever changed the way business gets done would be an understatement. Digital drives the modern business stack. Technology service companies deliver value to their customers by streamlining business processes, enabling growth through digital marketing, and maintaining a sterling reputation through strategic communication. Drake Star enables innovation in the digital services sector by helping our clients discover, partner with, and acquire the solutions they need to succeed. From strategic advisory to growth financing and M&A, our team's expertise provides remarkable results for our digital services clientele.

Managed IT

Information technology is at the heart of modern business, but not every company has the capacity to run their own IT systems. Managed service providers deliver guaranteed uptime and increased operational efficiency. 

Digital Transformation

Digital technology is becoming part of nearly every business process, and to remain competitive companies need to keep up. Digital transformation service providers help ease the transition to digital and help companies unlock their innovative potential.

Agency & Marketing Services

When it comes to communicating with the world, businesses can benefit from working with creative professionals and industry experts. Agencies deliver effective, engaging content that converts audience into customers.

Business Process Outsourcing

To achieve maximum operational efficiency, it often makes sense to delegate certain business tasks to third-party specialists. From running payroll to data entry to customer support, business process outsourcing lets companies focus on what makes them unique.

Communications Services

From executing a public relations campaign to limiting downside risk in a crisis, communications service providers help their clients drive the industry conversation and protect their reputations.

Managed IT Digital Transformation Agency & Marketing Services Business Process Outsourcing Communications Services
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Gregory Bedrosian Full
Gregory Bedrosian
Managing Partner & CEO, Member of the Executive Committee Consumer & Retail Tech Digital Media Digital Services
Ralf Philipp Hofmann Full
Ralf Philipp Hofmann
Managing Partner, Member of the Executive Committee Software/SaaS Consumer & Retail Tech Digital Media Digital Services
James Turino Full
James Turino
Managing Partner, Member of the Executive Committee Software/SaaS Digital Services Industrial Tech
Jim Holzer Full
Jim Holzer
Managing Partner Software/SaaS Digital Services
Christophe Morvan Full
Christophe Morvan
Managing Partner FinTech Software/SaaS Digital Services
Sam Levy Full
Sam Levy
Partner FinTech Software/SaaS Digital Services
Gaby Silvestris Full
Gaby Silvestris
Partner Software/SaaS Digital Services
Daniel Kurgan
Daniel Kurgan
Senior Advisor Digital Services


Jacques Paquin
Jacques Paquin
Senior Advisor Digital Services
Kevin Power
Kevin Power
Senior Advisor Digital Services


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