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Sell-side M&A

Delivering outsized performance for your tech-focused investment fund means ultimately finding liquidity for the assets you manage, and M&A is the most common exit path for tech-driven companies. Whether the board of directors is just beginning the process of planning an exit or they have an offer on the table, Drake Star’s sell-side M&A expertise will guide your fund through each step of the process. With over 70% of our sell-side M&A transactions taking place across international borders, we specialize in connecting sophisticated investors with the best exit opportunities the world has to offer.


Buy-side M&A

Helping your portfolio companies grow and consolidate market share goes beyond the capital you invest. When a company in your portfolio seeks to scale through synergistic acquisitions of complementary or competing companies, Drake Star’s strategic M&A team will help lead directors and executives to identify opportunities, solicit interest, and help negotiate terms which deliver exceptional outcomes for your portfolio holdings.


Acquisition Financing

Strategic M&A can accelerate value creation in your portfolio. When one of your portfolio companies has identified an acquisition target but needs additional leverage to complete the deal, Drake Star’s investment team will help structure a financial solution and facilitate the transaction.


Growth Financing

As a capital provider, you’re well aware of the role new investment plays in enabling the next phase of business growth. The partner-led approach of Drake Star’s investment team can help your portfolio companies secure growth financing, and help you maintain your position as the cap table expands. 


Dual Track

The dual-track process allows for far greater flexibility and strategic leverage when considering your exit strategy. Initial Public Offering (IPO) or a sale to another company can both offer strong benefits. Drake Star can guide your portfolio companies through key decisions, help investors avoid common pitfalls and create a competitive process that delivers strong performance and liquidity to your fund. 


SPAC Advisory

Drake Star has a track record of success with advising special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) and their sponsors. From formation and identifying targets to negotiating a definitive agreement and completing the business combination, the Drake Star team is ready to advise SPACs and their prospective targets at each step of the process. 



Recapitalization and restructuring events can help investors and their portfolio companies create the ideal capital structure. Whether the goal is to consolidate shareholders or provide additional cash flow, recaps can resolve many liquidity issues. The investment team at Drake Star works closely with fund managers to architect the optimal capital structure for their technology-focused portfolio companies, yielding better returns while ensuring a sustainable future for their assets.


Strategic Advisory

Specializing in tech gives us a unique edge in our strategic advisory practice. Drake Star prides itself on the insights and execution support your business needs leading up to, during, and after major transactions. We work closely with fund managers to identify new opportunities on the horizon and achieve outstanding performance for their funds.

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