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Industrial Tech

At industrial scale, even incremental gains in efficiency can result in dramatic reductions in the amount of energy, financial capital, and human resources needed to manufacture and ship physical goods. From the assembly line to the supply chain, robotics, automation, and sensor networks deliver efficiency and clarity to producers, enabling them to pass savings along to consumers in a competitive global economy. Drake Star's investment and advisory team works with manufacturers, warehouse operators, infrastructure developers, and the companies that rely on them to uncover strategic opportunities and unlock value.

Industrial Automation & IOT

Computer vision, machine learning, and distributed sensor networks are creating the factories of the future, driving transparency and operational efficiency in manufacturing.


Robots power a more automated future. From performing tedious or physically strenuous tasks to operating in environments too dangerous for humans, robotics deliver precision and efficiency for many industries.

Infrastructure Technology

Technology is transforming the way critical infrastructure is built, monitored, and maintained. From roads and bridges to fiber optics, technologies like predictive maintenance and persistent sensor monitoring create safer, more reliable infrastructure.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Software plays a growing role in the manufacturing process. Ensuring quality and efficiency, manufacturing execution systems ensure that best practices are shared and enforced across production floors.

Warehouse Management Systems

Software gives warehouse operators a new level of visibility into their facility operations and inventory. Streamlining supply chain fulfillment and secure offsite storage, warehouse management systems drive optimal business operations.

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