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Biodiesel Producer

April 2008 – DBE Deutsche Bioenergie AG (“DBE”) raised a total of €11.5m in its latest financing round.

DBE is a technology leader for the manufacturing of high-quality biodiesel. Innovative process technologies developed by the company ensure high biodiesel quality together with low production costs. DBE is the only producer which is able to produce biodiesel from pure free fatty acids (“Green Chemicals”). The new technology has been developed inhouse to increase the efficiency of the production process and to decrease costs. DBE can produce biodiesel from the by-products of conventional production or scrap of the edible oil production

With the Green Chemicals technology DBE can overcome the current discussion about the ecological effect of biodiesel production. In addition, raw material prices are approx. 50% cheaper than for vegetable oils.

DBE has now secured a financing round of €11.5m consisting of both, equity and debt. The equity has been provided by Fronteris Energy Fund and selected Private Investors. In addition, Hypo Group Alpe Adria committed two debt trenches.
Jupiter Capital Partner acted as financial advisor to DBE Deutsche Bioenergie AG.


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