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Drake Academy is Drake Star's in-house, on-the-job, two-part training program aimed at developing and enhancing our junior teams' skillsets, broadening their confidence and enabling them to hit the ground running at whatever stage of their career they are at. It comprises three tailored, self-paced, one-to-one online technical programs (known as FROSH 1, 2, & 3) suited to the needs of Drake Star juniors at the time they can make most use of the knowledge. This is the opportunity to fill skill gaps and build on existing capabilities.  FROSH is combined with regular live webinar workshops on wider, more general topics to provide a continual program to assist personal growth and knowledge maximization.

Drake Star is the sum of what employees achieve individually. By harvesting our senior teams' expertise, employing world-class technical training sessions, introducing and expanding soft management skills, and delivering a tangible, esprit de corps across all geographies, verticals, and levels, Drake Star's continual learning culture allows the Company and its employees to perform at their peak.