Q&A with Founder of Xyvid, Dave Kovalcik

LONDON | NEW YORK | November 17, 2021 We are pleased to publish Xyvid Deal Insights Report and Interview with the founder of Xyvid, Dave Kovalcik. In this Q&A, Gaby Silvestris and James Turino talk to Dave about:

  • How Xyvid was started and grew to a platform with 2.3M attendees
  • Criteria for selecting an M&A adviser when selling a company
  • What role Drake Star played in achieving both a great valuation and ensuring continued growth for the company
  • Key learnings from running an M&A process and how to understand the buyer’s strategy


Interviewed by:

Gaby Silvestris, Partner

James Turino, Managing Partner


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Gaby Silvestris
Partner Software/SaaS Digital Services
James Turino
Managing Partner, Member of the Executive Committee Software/SaaS Digital Services Industrial Tech

New York


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