Gregory Bedrosian Joins Future of M&A Panel Discussion at 2018 M&A Advisor’s Corporate Growth Summit in New York

NEW YORK | June 18, 2018 – Gregory Bedrosian, Managing Partner and CEO of Drake Star Partners will be speaking today at the 2018 M&A Advisor’s Global Corporate Growth Summit, in New York.

Gregory Bedrosian is one of the featured panelists at the summit discussing “The Future of M&A, Impact of Geopolitics, World Economics & Technology on Corporate Strategy.” The panel is made up of M&A professionals in venture capital, M&A digital platform, asset management, and turnaround management.  This year’s panel is being moderated by Nabila Ahmed of Bloomberg News.

This is the 6th consecutive year that Mr. Bedrosian has been selected to speak at M&A Advisors panels.

Prior to the event, Gregory Bedrosian commented: “This is a topic that I am naturally drawn towards given Drake Star’s track record in M&A cross-border deal-making in the technology, media and communications sectors. Despite ongoing political uncertainty both in the US and on a global level, we see these sectors as being more global by nature. Macroeconomic trends can certainly have an impact on deal flow, however we see the technology entrepreneur as being highly focused on global expansion, irrespective of market trends.” Mr. Bedrosian continued: “As always, I look forward to sharing my views at this premier international M&A and Capital Markets event with my fellow panelists on this topical subject matter of what the future of M&A and transnational transactions hold.”

M&A Advisor’s Global Corporate Growth Forum is an “invitation only” assembly bringing together the industry’s thought leaders. This event allows professionals guiding and executing corporate growth strategies to engage in open dialogue with their peers about the challenges and opportunities that companies are facing today in this unprecedented period of technological advancement.

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