Drake Star Partners is Releasing its Second Report on Entertainment Technology

The firm’s Managing Partner & Co-CEO Gregory Bedrosian will be speaking at Digital Hollywood’s Media Summit New York

NEW YORK | March 1, 2018 – Drake Star Partners announced today that it released its second report on the Entertainment Technology sector. This latest report looks at streaming, content management & distribution, peer-to-peer content delivery and VR Technologies, providing a detailed industry review, the latest M&A and private placement activities along with Drake Star Partners’ own industry predictions for 2018 and beyond.

This second entertainment report is focused on streaming and over-the-top (“OTT”) distribution markets, their disruptors, and competitive landscapes over the past few years. 2017 saw record levels of investment in content from major streaming players, with Netflix and Amazon leading the way. In the meantime, Alphabet’s YouTube and Facebook’s Watch platform continue to gain share in the user-generated segment of the market. New, innovative companies are entering this arena, launching their own streaming services, thus increasing the competitive landscape.

The report looks at key market trends, from investment in content to smaller, innovative players supporting the streaming capabilities of others. Gregory Bedrosian, Managing Partner & Co-CEO at Drake Star Partners leads this coverage effort.

The release of Drake Star Partners’ second Entertainment Technology report coincides with Gregory Bedrosian speaking at Digital Hollywood’s upcoming Media Summit New York (March 7-8, 2018). Labeled as “the conference that defines the future of the media industry”, Media Summit New York will be looking at cultural influencers in today’s mobile landscape while focusing on several overarching themes, such as “Internet TV”, “Immersive Hollywood” and “Advertising & Brand”.

Mr. Bedrosian joins a panel that will be discussing the topic of “VCs, Private Equity and Corporate Investments: The Funding and Accelerating of the Digital Marketplace”. He joins a group of influential players in the media, entertainment and finance worlds. They will be looking at growth areas in the media industry, highlighting value creation opportunities, identifying major investment players and where the space is headed.

Commenting on the release of Drake Star Partners’ latest Entertainment Technology report, Mr. Bedrosian said: “With the media industry as a whole currently undergoing significant change in conjunction with our ongoing M&A and corporate finance work at Drake Star Partners in this sector, I felt compelled to publish a follow-up report on Entertainment Technology, this time focusing on streaming and VR. It is an exciting time to be active in these fast-moving industries as it allows us to share our sector knowledge along with key trends we witness along the way. These trends and predictions highlighted in this report are likely to continue and may even accelerate during 2018.”

Regarding his upcoming speaking engagement at Media Summit New York, Mr. Bedrosian added: “It is always exciting to join a series of industry conferences as a panelist, particularly when the event carries such a strong and prestigious reputation. This is obviously a timely opportunity for us, having just released our latest Entertainment Technology report. As such, I look forward to discussing with other panelists the investment landscape within the digital and media marketplaces during Digital Hollywood’s upcoming Media Summit conference, in New York."

  • Click here to find out more about Digital Hollywood’s upcoming Media Summit New York (March 7-8, 2018 at the Bohemian National Hall).


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