Drake Star Partners Acts As Exclusive Advisor To Last Mile Solutions On The Growth Investment By EUROWAG

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Amsterdam | Rotterdam | Prague | February 18, 2021 – Drake Star Partners is pleased to announce that it acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Last Mile Solutions on the Growth Investment by EUROWAG. This landmark transaction earmarks the 9th consecutive deal and the 4th deal in Q1 2021 within the rapidly growing EV charging ecosystem led by the Drake Star Mobility and Energy Transition team in Amsterdam.

Through its unparalleled sector expertise and extensive global network in the industry, the Drake Star Mobility and Energy Transition team has successfully managed to find the optimal partner for Last Mile Solutions by advising the company throughout this highly competitive and cross-border fundraising process.

Last Mile Solutions is one of the fastest growing pioneers in the EV charging industry. The company operates a state-of-the-art EV charging and smart energy management platform for E-mobility businesses in Europe. Through a highly scalable growth strategy, Last Mile Solutions is one of the largest independent EV charging software providers with more than 37,000 connected charging points and over 200,000 charging cards with users across +22 countries.

The investment from EUROWAG, a leading provider of commercial transport solutions, will further fuel the expansion of Last Mile Solutions across Europe and accelerate development of cutting-edge EV charging functionalities on its platform. Furthermore, the transaction supports EUROWAG’s position in the E-mobility market and confirms its focus on sustainable transportation. Through this partnership, both companies will combine efforts to provide its industry-leading E-mobility services to its customers and enhance the EV driver’s customer journey.

“Our vision is to democratize the on-road mobility industry through the technological revolution. We create sustainable financial and technological solutions for the benefit of our industry, society and environment. The partnership with Last Mile Solution contributes to EUROWAG’s green objectives and enhances the focus on the automotive industry.” said Martin Vohánka, CEO at EUROWAG.

Eric van Voorden CEO and co-founder at Last Mile Solutions said: “Through this investment, we have set the foundation for a profound partnership that is unique in the EV charging sector. Besides the technical and commercial synergies between EUROWAG and Last Mile Solutions, there is a solid personal and entrepreneurial chemistry between both organisations. This growth investment will accelerate our pan-European expansion and enhance our development of new functionalities to optimise the customer journey of EV drivers, while maintaining our unique independence towards our blue chip B2B customers.”

This transaction shows the level of depth, complexity and the magnitude of the transition to E-mobility. EV charging sits at the intersection of technology, infrastructure, automotive and energy, which are all multi-trillion industries by itself. Corporates and investors that touch these industries, require a dedicated strategy towards E-mobility or face the risk of disruption and missed investment opportunities. Understanding the continuously increasing complexity of sustainable transportation is one of Drake Star Partners’ core focus areas and thereby remains the leading advisor of choice in the field.

Sherief Rahim, Principal for Mobility & Energy Transition at Drake Star Partners, commented: “We are extremely proud to have advised Last Mile Solutions and its shareholders on this transaction. It has been a privilege to have worked with great entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Also, we thank the EUROWAG team for its professionalism, pragmatism and perseverance to complete this transaction at record-speed. We truly believe this partnership is the start of a journey that will lead to ground-breaking innovation and undisputed leadership in this sector.”

Frank Verbeek, Managing Partner for Mobility & Energy Transition at Drake Star Partners, added: “This is not only about a growth investment for Last Mile Solutions, this also about a partnership between two parties that will bring more highly relevant solutions for all stakeholders. It once more proves that believing in innovation can change the world. This partnership is about growth in all possible meanings. For our Drake Star Mobility & Energy Transition Team it is the 4th transaction in 2021; gaining additional expertise in this very dynamic segment”



With a history spanning 25 years of innovation, EUROWAG is the fastest growing integrated mobility solution provider in Europe. EUROWAG’s aim is to simplify the lives of commercial road transport operators and deliver them with affordable solutions to their business needs. Whether it’s fuel, toll payments, tax refund, fleet management, financial services, or simple advice – we are here to help our customers successfully move 350,000 vehicles across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

For more information, please visit www.eurowag.com

About Last Mile Solutions

Founded in 2005 by Eric van Voorden and Johan Brouwer and headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Last Mile Solutions is one of the largest and fastest growing EV charging platform providers in Europe. Last Mile Solutions’ industry-leading platform enables Charge Point Operators (CPOs), E-mobility Service Providers (eMSP), Utilities, Automotive Companies and Car OEMs, Fleets & Lease Companies, and Municipalities to offer EV charging solutions to their customers.

For more information, please visit www.lastmilesolutions.com.

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